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I help creative professionals who struggle with organizing their ideas and tasks build a flexible system to achieve greater clarity, efficiency, and confidence in sharing their work.

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Trying to organize creativity? What to look for in a digital app!

Hi Reader! If you’re trying to organize all the content around your creative work, there’s a lot to look for in an app. Comparing specifically Evernote and Notion Here are a few things I look for: Can I use it on multiple devices? Will I be able to jump from my phone, my computer, or my iPad? Is it easy to add? Can I capture my spur-of-the-moment ideas to be easy to pull up again later? Will I be able to access this offline? Power goes out, OR if I’m beyond reception? Can it maintain a...

Hello Reader, I wanted to reach out to you to chat about goal-setting. You might have joined this list some time ago with the 5 steps to a digital organization system, where I talked about this image. Here's the hierarchy of fulfillment :D If your holiday season went anything like mine, it traded ugly sweaters and family time with sweatpants and naps mostly because I tested positive with covid and stayed home. Reflection is a commonplace for this time of the year and feels especially...